This Girl is So Thirsty (Diary Entry #13)

Wed Dec 20 2004

This is not the actual date but its wen it happened so deal wit it… Today M found my diary. I went to church it was FREEZIN I had to wait for L and Q 4 an hour. Then we went 2 eatons and looked 4 guys but we only saw one cute one but he was wit a gurl *sigh* WHERE R ALL THE CUTE/SEXY/HOT GUYZ!?!?! Well then we went back to church and practiced songs wit S…it was o.k. Then R came and we practiced the skit and after that we went to dinner… we had a contest to c who would win a mp3 player… W won…LOL… Then J drove W, L, Q, E, and I home. I was squished in the back Q was on my right and Q was on my left but wen W was so close to me it didn’t feel weird it felt… real… it felt rite 4 some reason… I dunno… I think I still like him but I’m afraid he doesn’t like me…*sigh*… y can’t he just tell me… If all the guys that liked me told me they liked me I would probably like them bak… Y is life so complicated?! I one more thing while we were practicing W kept trying to take my hat… cuz I was wearing my Santa hat… If he likes me Y doesn’t he tell me?! *sigh*… he has everything I want… cute…funny…swt…nice…wat else could I possibly ask 4 Y in the wolrd…Grrr… Its tiring sometimes but I get through it… Y! Y! Y! I ask myself over and over again, I’m tired of fooling around I’m tired of playin games I want a relationship it doesn’t matter wit who as long as I know the person well enough not too old or too young… I just wanna have someone in my life that I can hold on to… to love me… to charish…to be wit me til I die!… I just wanna have a soul mate Y can’t I have anything I want Y am I sooo unlucky Y do I have such a bad life… I LOVE HIM Y CANT HE SEE THAT?! Sometimes I think they are blind to not see all the hints I send them… Y! Y! Y! Y me! Y now! Y do I have to fall in love?! Y should I?! It just causes me pain :'( LOVE… causes… PAIN!!! I WANNA BE UR BABY GURL AND I WANT U 2 B MY BOO!! Love ya<3<3<3

Guys. You do not know how much I was laughing through this post. Can we just laugh at the fact that I’m pretty much obsessed and crazy with boys in this point of my life. Clearly, it’s a thing to be laughed at. How dramatic am I though? Seriously. I seem so desperate. Please tell me you were like this at 13 too…

xo, Rose

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