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Club Monaco Market Toronto Edition

Hello Loves!

So I was invited to the grand opening of the Club Monaco Market (#CMMARKET) by @ROIrelations (thank you). If you don’t already know, the Club Monaco Market is back at their Bloor Street location. The market has some wonderful treats of flowers by Sweet Woodruff, baked goodies from the Bake Shoppe, coffee from Sam James, juice from Evolution Food Co., sandwiches and salads from Delica Kitchen, and most importantly, POPTAILS (OMG) from the Pop Stand!

I love that they brought back the market. It’s always so nice to just sit and people watch while munching on some yummy treats. The weather in Toronto just needs to hurry up and be consistently warm so that I may actually enjoy the nice patio seating. Can you believe that it’s been hailing? It’s MAY for goodness sake. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere warmer but now I’m getting off topic so maybe I’ll save that for another post.





Thank you ROI Relations for providing these pictures.



Make sure you check out the Club Monaco Market this spring/summer! They are open from May 12-September 3, 2016.


What are you most excited about from the Club Monaco Market? Let me know!

xo, Rose

Easy Smashed Potatoes Recipe

Ever since I was introduced to these potatoes at a party hosted by The Creative Pantry, I’ve been obsessed. I’m not sure of the exact recipe (I don’t even know if there is an official one) but I’ve tried my best to recreate it. Basically, it’s small potatoes (I like to use the colourful ones because they’re cuter imo), spices, and butter.You first want to wash all your potatoes. I suggest washing the whole bag or maybe even two bags or more depending on how many people you plan on feeding. Honestly, these are like crack and they will be gobbled up within seconds so you should probably make as much as you can.Next you want to prep your butter and spice mixture that will be applied onto the potatoes. I honestly just threw spices together. There really is no wrong way to do this. Cater to your taste by adding or leaving out whatever you want. I like to put: salt, pepper, paprika, oregano, and this turkey rub I have on hand that’s a fusion of other spices. (Super specific, I know).You want to boil the potatoes a bit so they soften up enough so that when you place them on parchment paper you can actually “smash” them. It’s best to use these small potatoes because I tried using regular sized yukon potatoes and it just didn’t work. Use anything you have on hand that will smush these little guys into these flatter “smashed” potatoes. I don’t suggest your bare hands though because they will be hot from the boiling water.After you have smashed all your potatoes, you want to glaze them with your butter spice mixture.  The more, the better! So load up your brushes.Place into the oven and bake at 350F until they are crispy and golden brown or until your desired crunchiness. It usually takes around 20ish minutes I would say… again, I know, super accurate right? (haha)Finally, plate and serve with your favourite dish or just simply eat them on their own. So simple but so delicious!

Let me know what you think!xo, Rose

Gift Guide For All The Foodies In Your Life

So Christmas is about a week away and you have no idea what to get your foodie friends? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Everyone is a foodie so technically this ‘gift guide for all the foodies’ is actually a gift guide for every person in your life. Not only is one or all of these gifts suitable for everyone you know, most are gifts under $15 so yay!

How fun are these food themed socks from Yo Sox? Pineapples, sushi, donuts and coffee?! Yes please. It’s winter so I’m sure whoever your gifting is going to appreciate some cute socks to keep their toes warm. I know socks kind of seems like a lame gift but hey, they’re so fun! They should be grateful that you’re so considerate to think about their little piggies. And if anything, you can just keep them for yourself!

If you’re really not sure about food themed socks, how about some actual food? I don’t think I’ve ever met a foodie that’s turned down cute festive cupcakes. The best part? Short and Sweet Bakeshop delivers! For all the girls in your life, how about some necklaces. Whether she’s a statement piece wearer, or prefers a more dainty style, there are tons of jewelry places around the city that cater to every type of girl. These, I confess are not under $15 but I’m sure you could find some decent ones for around that price range.
Okay okay, let’s actually move on to things that are really under $15 and all your foodie friends would love! I have been super obsessed with Kitten and the Bear as of late and their jams are to die for. Plus, their packaging is super duper cute so you could choose not to wrap them if you’re lazy.Macarons from Butter Avenue is another option for those wishing to give food this holiday season. They have pretty holiday packaging at the moment and their winter flavours are so good! They also have a Frosty cake that is so adorable and yummy, perfect for bringing to family/holiday parties. Next up, we have caramels and nougats from Roselle. The caramels come in a variety of infused flavours like raspberry, mango, salted, and my personal favourite, coconut macadamia. I seriously love these so much I ended up buying some just for myself when I meant to just buy them as a gift for friends.Another gift idea for all your foodie friends are cute props! (For all their instagramming needs obvi). Tea sets and vintage silver spoons are what I would love to receive this holiday season. Kitten and the Bear has a few vintage silver spoons like this one that I snagged. Let’s pretend my name starts with “K” (shh). You can find a lot of things at your local thrift shop if you look hard enough. I actually got my set for $5 a while back! Crazy right?

What are you waiting for? Getting shopping! And don’t forget to let me know what other great gift ideas you have for all your foodie friends.

xo, Rose


Easy Avocado Pesto Pasta Recipe

This is a super easy avocado pesto pasta recipe that I experimented with the other day. I wanted a recipe to use up all the avocados that were getting way too ripe and I didn’t want to go to waste. I would have made guacamole if I had the right ingredients and weren’t lazy to go out and buy chips and other sh*t. Oh well. So, this recipe was born. Super easy and quick, you really only need to cook the pasta.

You will need:

Cherry tomatoes/ roma tomatoes / grape tomatoes or whatever you call small tomatoes. I cut mine in half and then sauteed them with salt and pepper. This is completely optional. I just like how sauteing tomatoes really changes the flavour of them. 

Avocadoes: The number of avocados you need will depend on how many people you plan on feeding/ how many you want to get rid of before they go bad. Smash these in a bowl or process in a food processor to get a smoother consistency. 

Some sort of Pasta: After you have cooked the pasta of your choice, mix the tomatoes and avocado with the pasta and add pesto. You can make your own or just buy store bought pesto. We’re going for easy, so store bought it is.  

Then you just mix it all together and season with additional salt and pepper to taste. Done! Super simple but so good.

Do you have any avocado recipes to share?

xo, Rose

My Belmonte Raw Juice Cleanse Experience

Day 1

I went to pick up my juices from Belmonte Raw‘s Leslieville location before work. I completely underestimated how heavy 2 days worth of juice would be. I’m glad that Belmonte suggested I pick up my third cleanse on a separate day ensuring both freshness and my arms to suffer a little less.

I decided to do 2 days of “The Intro” and 1 day of “The Deep“. Here’s how it went.

I’m glad that “The Intro” came with a raw meal. It was a nice way to ease into a juice cleanse. All of the bottles come numbered so you know exactly which one to take next.

01: Clarity (Carrot, Lemon, Ginger) I surprisingly really liked this one. I thought I wouldn’t be a big fan of it because of the carrots and ginger but it was actually really nice and refreshing.

02: Vanilla Milk (Cashews, Filtered Water, Vanilla, Dates) I thought I would like this one the most because look at the ingredients! Cashews, Vanilla, Dates? Yes please! Sadly, I didn’t like this one as much as the Clarity but it was still good.

03: Chlorophyll Elixir (100% Chlorophyll) I was so nervous to take this one. It looks extremely potent and revolting in the bottle, almost like poison. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn’t that great either. It honestly just tastes like mouthwash.

04: Revive (Lemon, Filtered Water, Cayenne, Agave) Probably one of my least favourite juices ever. I’m fine with lemon, water, and agave but the cayenne definitely kills it for me. I understand that it has a purpose, but to me, spices should be in food, not juices.

05: Spaghetti and Neatballs (Spinach, Arugula, Zucchini, Butternut Squash, Creamy Cashew Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Pea Shoots, Hemp seeds with Apple Cider Miso Vinaigrette) One word: Delicious! Honestly, so so so good. I would definitely eat it again.

06: Uplift (Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Parsley, Ginger) This one was also pretty light and refreshing. I was worried that the parsley and ginger would be overpowering but it wasn’t. You really taste the apple, lemon, and cucumber the most which is nice.

07: Aloe Elixir (100% Aloe) I’ve had aloe juice before but those are filled with sugar. This was 100% aloe and it was terrible. Sugar please!

I’ll admit, I did cheat on Day 1. I ended up going to Bar Ape’s Pop Up Event and ate gelato desserts. Hey, honesty is the best policy, right?

Day 2

I think day 2 was the hardest part of my Belmonte Raw juice cleanse. I woke up with body aches and a headache as well as a sore throat. I also felt extremely tired and laid in bed for most of the day. Apparently these are detox symptoms that show the cleanse is working. Let’s just say I’m glad I had the day to myself so I could lounge around and not have to worry about exerting energy (because I had none).

For day 2, I had the same juices and elixirs as day 1 above. The only difference was the raw meal which was changed to the “Sicilian Green Bean” salad (Spinach, Arugula, Green Beans, Tomato, Sun-dried Tomato, Olives, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Sprouted Beans, Lentils, Dill, Parsley, Olive Oil, Almonds, Hemp Seeds, Pea Shoots with Sunflower Pesto). I love the crunch the green beans add, the use of both fresh tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes as well as the olives in this dish.

Day 3

By day 3 my body was finally accepting the fact that I wasn’t eating much. I still woke up with a few body aches but overall I did feel more energized. I also wasn’t as hungry as I was the two previous days even though my 3rd day cleanse was all juice and no salad!

The Deep

01: Antiox Smoothie (Blueberries, Almond, Oat, Vanilla, Chia, Dates, Açai) This was so yummy! Probably my favourite juice of all the juices in the cleanse. It has a lot of chunks due to the ingredients so if you don’t like juices that have bits in them then you might not enjoy it as much. Also, be careful because blueberry skins do stick to your teeth, make sure to check your smile.

02: Refresh (Carrot, Apple, Beet, Lemon, Ginger) I love the colour of this juice. The beet and carrot separate and there is a nice gradient of red to orange. This one is too similar to the clarity juice because of the overpowering carrots but still good.

03: Chlorophyll (100% chlorophyll) Still tastes like mouthwash.

04: Vanilla Milk (Cashews, Filtered Water, Vanilla, Dates) By the 3rd day I started to like this one more and more. At first I wasn’t a big fan of the vanilla but somehow this one tasted more like cashews and dates which I liked.

05: Revive (Lemon, Filtered Water, Cayenne, Agave) SO SPICY.

06: Clarity (Carrot, Lemon, Ginger) Carrot juice has won me over. Never would I have thought I would like carrot juice.

07: Uplift (Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Lemon, Parsley, Ginger) Still good. No complaints here.

Overall, I’m proud of myself for accomplishing 3 days of juice cleansing (minus the little lapse on day 1). I think they’re nice for when you want to reset your body or get a jump start on healthy eating. I do feel lighter and notice that I don’t crave as much junk as I did before. (Let’s see how long this effect lasts). I think a juice cleanse would be particularly beneficial after the holidays because everyone indulges during the holidays. Have you tried a Belmonte Raw Juice Cleanse or any other juice cleanse? How did it go? Let me know!

xo, Rose

Bar Ape Pop Up Event (YUM!)

I was invited to Bar Ape’s Pop Up Event hosted at The Sovereign and got to sample some of their soft serve concoctions. I was first introduced to Bar Ape in the summertime when I stumbled upon their cute ape (pronounced ah-pay) near Trinity Bellwoods with my friend Alexa. They usually serve gelato bars but at the event, their focus was on soft serve gelato.

I got to sample their pear sorbet, pumpkin seed gelato, and a pistachio gelato on a gluten-free cookie. All of the flavours were amazing but I must say the pumpkin seed gelato was my favourite. Also, the gluten-free cookie was amazing and I hope they sell them in packs one day so I can buy them in bulk (or at least give me the recipe to it).

They are not sure if they will be back next year due to problems with the city. Hopefully everything pans out. They did mention that they would like to open a storefront so that might be coming soon. Please stay Bar Ape; You’re absolutely scrumptious!

Have you tried Bar Ape yet? What are your thoughts?

xo, Rose


Marvel Coffee Co. (Carlaw Location)

I was on the Danforth the other day and decided to stop into Marvel Coffee. I had been to their Donlands location a while back and I wanted to see their new location. It is beautifully decorated with ample seating (though outlets are scarce). It has the makings of a perfect Instagram worthy cafe (i.e. marble counters and tons of natural light).

I ordered a vanilla latte and hoped that it would come with nice latte art. (It did not). The vanilla latte was nice but could have been better if it had less foam. Also, if you’re an avid coffee drinker and actually want to taste coffee in your coffee then this is probably not the spot for you. I wish I had seen the matcha latte option earlier, I would have opted for that instead. Maybe I’ll go back to try it.

Marvel Coffee Co. has a large selection of food on site which is nice for those wanting to grab a quick bite. They have cookies, sandwiches, salads, juices, and macarons. They even have a few vegan options which is always nice. Most of their baked goods are from Sweet Flour Bake Shop while their macarons are from AG Macarons.

Overall a nice quiet spot to enjoy some time to yourself before you start your busy day. Let me know if you end up trying it!

xo, Rose

Butter Avenue Fall Tasting

My favourite Toronto macaron place (Butter Avenue) invited me to their fall tasting to test out some delicious treats. First up was the Pumpkin Spice hot cocoa with Pumpkin Spice macarons. Perfect for the chilly days we’re starting to get here in Toronto.

They are also in the works of expanding into savory items and I’m all for it. I’m a huge fan of the Maple bacon, gruyère & tomato bouffée fromage (pictured right). It is almost like a quiche with the cheese and filling but not quite as heavy or dense.

“Jardin Perdu” (Cinnamon Chantilly, caramelized apple & pear, mini chocolate apple, almond crumble)

Thank you Butter Avenue for always filling my tummy with amazing treats!

xo, Rose

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