Stuck On A Boy (Diary Entry #14 & #15)

Thurs Dec 23 2004

Today I was on MSN I was talkin to M and he said how he thinks W likes me but then I was like no and we started talkin about a plan to lock Q & W in the closet and it was so funny… I don’t knoe who I like anymore its so complicated I keep on hookin up the people I like wit other ppl. Why do I push them away?! Am I afraid they’ll break my <3 must b well bye 4 now <3<3<3

Maybe I was wise to know to push people away. It seems I’m beginning to get a handle on how relationships work here. I was smart enough to know that people leave and they hurt you. So the simple solution here was to not give them that power. How smart of young me.

Wed Dec 29 2004

Dear Diary I know I haven’t wrote in u for a while but ya. So let me fill u in on Dec 24 2004 SAT FRI WE MADE THE dinna then midnite mass it was fun W touched my hand sooo many times and he was always so close to me & when he asked me to “marry” him my “daddi” wouldn’t let him lol… M keeps on sayin he likes me I hope he does well I hope he tells us soon.. I was talkin to Q on MSN and she’s like oh how W likes a altar server & she’s in grade 8 and it only leaves me & Q well bye for now Love YA! <3<3<3

13 year old me is so embarrassing. I hope everyone at this age is the same way. I love how I got so excited about a boy touching my hand.

xo, Rose


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