Struggles of Liking Too Many Boys (Diary Entry #11 and #12)

Sunday Nov 21 2004

NO ONE CAN READ THIS ONLY ME! I like P I think… should I tell him? NO NO too risky but hmm… hes cute but then he likes L I guess were not meant to b. I also think A and D are cute but it couldn’t seem right we probably won’t even hang out wen we r bigger I don’t wanna lose my frdz I’m so confused o… I wanna tell P how I feel about him should I *sniff* mayb if I go to sleep and my dreams will tell me who I’m to be with. Bye 4 now! <3<3<3 zzzzz

So I may be a bit dramatic (haha). Seriously though, the struggles I went through with liking too many boys makes me laugh at myself. I guess these are the thoughts that go through my 13 year old self. 

Saturday Dec 4 2004

Dear Diary,

Today I went to Dragon City for a Doc’s appointment Q came it was fun! I’m so sore lol she also broke my lock so I can’t lock u up any more unless she buys me a new one so ya… Q said that W likes me if he does it doesn’t matter cause I like him but if he doesn’t o well… For some reason I now like A he’s CUTE … L showed me a pic of P he’s “HOT” LOL… well bye! <3<3<3

There seem to be a lot of boys in my youth… That’s all I can say about this one.

xo, Rose

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