Should Have Been a Journal (Diary Entry #10)

Sunday Aug 1 2004

Dear Diary,

Haven’t talked 2 ya in a while…. eh! Now on with business, E… I think he likes me, as you already know. Well he hasn’t actually told me…but he told his brother and my friends, anywayz 2 day, I waz at church at nine, waited 1/2 and hour, S came, talked, bought ice, E and P showed up…well bumped into… anywayz we sold candles and those tissue box coverz… while the other altar servers sold food. Freezies, pop, fish ballz, hamburgerz, hot dogz “wieners”…and I think thatz it. Anywayz I saw cuties today mainly K and S… #1 is sooo…tanned. He lookz cutier everytime I see him. Well anywayz we went 2 tha mandarin mass, talked, well actually the parentz…anywayz, went shopping, bought food…ya. Then E/P’s Familie came 2 our house and the parentz talked, we played and ya… oh! Before I forget while we were selling stuff, L was throwing a can of pop on the ground and it busted open and it splashed over everyone… well maybe not everyone but for sure L… It was FUN!! Also 2 day waz L’s b-day she turned 1, she’s sooo cute and so is G… well that’z all I got 4 now so hola at you l8ter. bibi <3<3<3

Why don’t I write about deep dark secrets yet? It seems as though this is more of a journal of events than a diary. Maybe I should stop these series or just pick out super funny and embarrassing ones. Not really sure yet. I kind of like it just for my own records though so we shall see. Let me know your thoughts.

xo, Rose

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