Sexual Awakening at 13 (Diary Entry #9)

July 27th 2004

Srry 4 not ryting in a while, well I have many things to tell ya last sunday not the 25th the one before I saw 2 cuties K and S. It seems that every time I see K he gets cuter… maybe it’s my imagination but then again he is really fine. Well last sunday (july 25th) I saw S but no K well anywayz A grew so tall… damn. Well on sunday I also saw my friendz and we hanged out. One of my friendz is dating a guy named P. The others a free-agent O and my friendz told me that P’s brother likes me… don’t you think its sort of weird o well, its nice that someone likes me and I don’t really care anywayz… or do I…hmmm. Everything is so complicated, o well I’ll figure it out somehow well that’s all the news I got to tell ya. Bye for now. Love ya <3<3<3

So it seems I’m starting to have teenager troubles. It’s funny to see that I have all these crushes on these boys and yet I don’t really move on from saying that I like them. I don’t really take their emotions into consideration and when I hear that someone may like me, I pretend to act nonchalant about it. To be honest, for the longest time I was still this way towards boys. Liking someone is easy. Approaching someone and telling them is the hard part.

xo, Rose

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