Secrets of a 12 Year Old Girl

I found an old diary recently and have decided that I will post an entry until I’ve gone through every single page. I myself have not read them in quite some time so I will be reading them as I type. I’m wondering if I should add commentary as I go or write the diary entry as it is written (spelling and grammatical errors included). I guess we’ll just have to see how bad it is.

Dear Diary,

On Sunday Oct 12 2003 I saw A your probobly wondering who’s he, well I’ll tell you, A is this way cute, hot amazing guy that goes to my church. I don’t see him very much but I still like him. A is so cute you should see him. Also before I forget in the summertime on August Saturday 16 2003 about two months ago I got to go to his house. My friends L and Q came to there sisters. Oh also D and S there twins. Anyways we went to A’s house for a barbaque. It was great the food was great and we watched T.V and played games. After dinner we walked to the park and A rollerbladed. It was so great. After we went to the park we went back to A’s house and me, A, and D played basketball A was doing dunks and hanging on the rim but it was so romantic. Then when I tried to shoot he lifted the hoop and then lowered it so I couldn’t get it in. Then I did it once to him but he got it in. Ok bye for now diary I’ll talk to you soon. See ya! <3 <3 <3

Okay, names were shortened to initials (real or not, that will be a secret). Also, how GREAT was this entry? Clearly, I lacked any other adjectives. Spelling and grammatical errors galore, I couldn’t help laughing at my 12 year old self as I retyped it here. Also, can we appreciate that I write the entire date for when something happens? This is going to be an interesting experience for me as I continue to rewrite these diary entries for you.

xo, Rose

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