My First Movie and Limo (Diary Entry #6)

Tues Dec 30 2003

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t talked to you but wat a day it waz 2 day. First I met L at Dragon City then we walked, talked and played videogames we bought bubble tea (honeydew) then we walked to 711 and bought chips. We went to spadina station and took the subway to coxwell and waited 4 someone 2 pick us up and it was J and B we went 2 S’s house, practiced a little and we were off to the home. We sang 4 the seniors and talked with them as we were leaving we saw the chapel and prayed. We went back 2 the cars and I was in R’s. It was very comfy. We went to the movies and watched Peter Pan it was a good movie but it was a sad ending. After the movies we were surprised with a limo. YES u heard me right I R.D.L got 2 ride in a real limo. We went 2 dinner and we were allowed 2 order anything. Also we met a new friend that day his nickname is monkey ha ha ha funny right? J/E and L went home in B’s car but I stayed in the limo we went 2 S’s “hut” and waited for M’s dad. After he came S took W, K, and me home. W was first, I was second and K was third. All in all it was a wonderful, exciting day. L8ter ppl. Talk 2 ya l8ter<3<3<3

Wow, so I clearly had a busy day. I’m disappointed that I seemed to have picked up even more bad slang words/phrases. I completely forgot to mention that Peter Pan was the first movie I ever watched in theatres. Why was I not more excited? It’s funny to see that I was so excited to be in a limo but looking at it now I’m indifferent. I’d rather be driven in a nice Ferrari or Audi.

xo, Rose

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