He is SOOOOO Cute! (Diary Entry #7)

Sunday Jan 25 2004

Dear Diary,

The greatest thing happened 2 me 2day while I waz in church I waz sitting b-hind A. After a while A went outside when he came back in he sat beside me I think he likes me, and I like him. Anywayz, after we took communion he was waiting at my seat because I had to go in first wat a gentlemen. Well I don’t noe why he sat wit me but I ENJOYED IT. He is SOOOOO CUTE! I hope that he will sit with moi again well bie 4 now. L8ter. Love ya!!<3<3<3

OMG. I am literally laughing so hard at this entry. I actually feel so embarrassed at how much of a crush I had on this guy. Note the caps and the sheer amount of o’s on “so”.

xo, Rose

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