Chocolate with Whipped Cream on Top (Diary Entry #8)

July 9 2004

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow I am going up to Midland, I hope it will be fun, my friendz will be going to. I hope to see S/K or any other cute guyz. Also if I do I hope they talk to me. Also I hope to stay at my friends house. O forgot 2 tell ya, I met new friendz. Their names R D and M. And Also 2day H called me. Soooo l8te. Well See ya <3<3<3

I realized that in this entry, I used an s instead of a z. So clearly, I understand that it’s supposed to be an s but have been writing z’s as a lame attempt to be cool.

Same day…

Today I’d like to tell you dat J 4 the past dayz she’s had goosebumps cause she’s been tinkin’ of chocolate with whipped cream on top with a drink of fizz pop and she <3’s ladybugs A.K.A B2K not including Raz-B Anywayz J is ryting bout me and sayin I like chocolate with wip cream even though I do.

I apologize for the brain cells you must be losing while reading these entries. Hopefully I snap out of this style of “ryting” soon.

xo, Rose

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