Bar Ape Pop Up Event (YUM!)

I was invited to Bar Ape’s Pop Up Event hosted at The Sovereign and got to sample some of their soft serve concoctions. I was first introduced to Bar Ape in the summertime when I stumbled upon their cute ape (pronounced ah-pay) near Trinity Bellwoods with my friend Alexa. They usually serve gelato bars but at the event, their focus was on soft serve gelato.

I got to sample their pear sorbet, pumpkin seed gelato, and a pistachio gelato on a gluten-free cookie. All of the flavours were amazing but I must say the pumpkin seed gelato was my favourite. Also, the gluten-free cookie was amazing and I hope they sell them in packs one day so I can buy them in bulk (or at least give me the recipe to it).

They are not sure if they will be back next year due to problems with the city. Hopefully everything pans out. They did mention that they would like to open a storefront so that might be coming soon. Please stay Bar Ape; You’re absolutely scrumptious!

Have you tried Bar Ape yet? What are your thoughts?

xo, Rose


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